Fence Cleaning and Maintenance

Fence Cleaning and Care

If you’re unsure how to clean a fence fence maintenance can be frustrating,. If you’re trying to find tips on the best way to clean a vinyl fence, wood fence, chain link fence or steel & aluminum fences; This post should educate you on everything you have to know for suitable fence maintenance. Each section will clarify the substances needed for cleaning your fence, the way to clean your fence, level of problem (based on a 1-5 scale with 1 being easy and 5 being difficult) and the recommended time frames for cleaning… Let us get started.

HOW TO CLEAN & STAIN A WOOD Fencing Sawbridgeworth FENCE:

Stuff Desired:

* Wood Stain, NOT PAINT (desirable color)

* Bleach or wood cleaning solution

* Plastic Sheets (to protect grass under fence) OPTIONAL

Amount of Difficulty:

* 4 or 5 – Cleaning a wood fence could be a little easier than our mentioned degree of difficulty according to the kind and quantity of cleaning which will be taking place.

For maximum results we recommend that you simply clean/re-stain your wood fence – 5 years.


You may notice that it will begin to turn a grayish color or the paint/stain begins to lose its brightness and regardless of what kind of wood fence you’ve, you may discover a mould start to develop on the fence, iF you have a cedar fence. This section of the content will explain how you can look after these difficulties and get your wood fence looking new!

Just before commencing any cleaning you will want to lay that on the ground underneath the fence if you decided to use plastic sheeting to protect your grass. (Using plastic sheeting will protect your grass from any harmful chemicals that could be in the cleaning solutions).

A mixture of “1 part bleach and 2 parts water” is quite common when cleaning wood fences; however, it’s also possible to buy wood cleaning solution from the local hardware store. What you’ll want to do first is allow it to soak in until you see that the fence has become brighter and/or clean and employ the cleaning solution to the fence. You will then need to spray the fence off with a water hose (use a power washer for removing old paint or tough spots – make sure power washer is on the broadest aerosol setting and held about 12 inches away from fence).

After the fence has been cleaned and sprayed off you may want to enable it to air dry. If it still needs cleaning in specific spots after it dries, repeat all these procedure. Once the fence is clean and dry you might be prepared to employ a strain. (Should you not want to stain a particular color, you are able to use a wood sealant to ensure the fence will appear new for a long time). NOTE: DON’T USE PAINT ON YOUR OWN WOOD FENCE, INSTEAD USE A STAIN.

Correctly implement the strain and enable the stain to dry. Your wood fence should appear beautiful and brand new. If you employ this procedure at least every 3 – 5 years, your wood fence will appear amazing and brand new for quite a long time!

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